Heat Loss Calculations

Over 90% of boilers in the UK are massively oversized! In fact, commercial plant rooms have a worse figure than that. We have had a, ‘rule of thumb’ approach to calculation of heat requirements here in the UK and around the world and have found ourselves, ‘guessing’ plant size with devastating effects on climate, efficiency and plant longevity.

Reducing Emissions

The government now has a legal obligation to drastically reduce emissions by 2025 with a view to a carbon neutral future by 2050. This is all well and good but if we continually oversize and wrongly specify our heating and hot water plant, we have no chance of achieving that excellent goal.

Wastage Crisis

We have a saying; ‘We don’t have an energy crisis, we have a wastage crisis!’ The sad fact is that there is more performance testing and safety testing on a £10 electric toaster than there is on a £500,000 house or any other commercial building and we think current building regulations need to be upgraded as a matter of urgency. Basically, they leak heat like sieves.

How Can You Help?

For just £10 +vat you can have a fully insured heat loss report on your new project or existing dwelling. This will guarantee that you correctly specify your plant for projects or your own home and if you are a contractor, will absolutely win you great contracts when you produce our very comprehensive reports. Professionalism and accuracy is but a few clicks away. #BeaPro Twitter Feed @HeatCalculation

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