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Stratton Road Beaconsfield

International Property Awars 2016
Best Residential Developments - Buckinghamshire

A substantial 8 en-suite bedroom and 2 master bathroom mansion in the heart of prestigious Beaconsfield. This 120kw cascade installation serves four independent circuits comprising; hot water and secondary return, towel rail, radiator and two floors of underfloor heating.

The domestic system has balanced pressures throughout and is designed for multiple, simultaneous use, with no pressure drop.

The Intergas boiler cascade is the first of its kind in the UK and with weather compensation fully designed and installed, running costs will be substantially lower than many other new systems.

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Gasston House

Newly finished project near Farnham in Surrey, this beautiful wedding/events venue with designated guest accommodation has been equipped with a state of the art Viessmann Cascade system. The hot water is served by a rapid recovery system and the whole estate is supplied with balanced pressures throughout.

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Breckland Leisure Centre

This sports and health centre in Thetford, Norfolk required a plant room upgrade that would maximise efficiency.

We designed, wrote the tender documents and project managed this new plant room installation.

We integrated modern cascade boiler technology with the existing heating circuits, via hydraulic separation, allowing the old and new to be completely separate circuits. This protects the very expensive new plant from existing corrosion issues within the existing plant and commands an enviable five year warranty on all new plant.

The new boiler cascade consists of 4 x 100KW Viessmann 200W boilers, running through a 500KW rated plate heat exchanger.

This new system acts as a backup to 130KW of CHP (combined heat & power) and has been commissioned to the highest standards, ensuring that the CHP units run continuously, thus providing excellent financial returns for our clients.

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Hatherly Care Home

This project was particularly challenging as continuity of heat was required for the elderly residents. We have incorporated solar thermal into this design and after carrying out a full heat loss calculation using our very own CIBSE compliant software we have accurately calculated that the required plant is approximately half the size of the original. This has had vast effects on both running costs and system efficiency as oversized boilers will, ‘cycle’, causing component failure and unnecessary fuel usage.

We estimate the running costs for this project to return at least a 30% saving on the original.

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